We our proud manufacturers of our in house product line as following ; Self Service Kiosks and Digital Podium. Kiosks and Podiums are useful not only in versatility, but also in its ability to save resources while at the same time providing a futuristic experience. The applications are nearly infinite with successful executed Agmatel projects in the following areas: 1. Railways: PNR Enquiry 2. NeGP - Ministry of Agriculture 3. MOD: Infantry, Signals, DG-Move, AD 4. DOP: ARROW project 5. MHA: Modernization, BSF, CRPF, ITBP, CISF, SSB etc. 6. Hospitals - Patient information system, AIIMS. 7. Airports, Train Stations - Flight information and ticket purchases terminals. 8. Corporations - Employee bulletins, HRMS etc. 9. Emergency Response Units - Maps, instructions and better coordination for relief efforts. 10. Schools and Institutions: Campus information, score boards, Bulletin boards. 11. Transportation: On bus, ship or Flight, Tourist information, announcement and schedules.