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8900B Peak Power Analyzer

• Accurate and more detailed pulse measurements, faster
• Easy to use, easy to trigger and easy to measure
• Multi-pulse measurement
• Power-Added Efficiency math function
• Adjustable ETS threshold for wider bandwidth measurement

EPM and EPM-P Series

The EPM power meters provide CW and average power measurements. The EPM-P power meters provide peak, average, peak-to-average ratio and time-gated power measurements.

P Series Power Meter

The Keysight P-Series power meters provide wideband (30 MHz video bandwidth) peak, average, peak-to-average ratio, maximum power, minimum power, rise time, fall time and statistical (CCDF, PDF) measurements

V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter

• Broad 10MHz to 6GHz frequency range enables use in a wide variety of applications
• Wide dynamic range of -63dBm to +20dBm
• Integrated power sensor eliminates the need to carry a separate power sensor
• Internal power reference enable self calibration
• Absolute accuracy as good as ±0.21dB

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